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DJ-Mace is returning to the Karaoke scene in a HUGE way and will be actively seeking new venues!
It's finally happening...the Re-Launch of RoadShow Karaoke as:
RoadShow Karaoke Entertainment, LLC. is eminent.
Yes the very best NJ Karaoke is coming back in a HUGE way!

How about a totally new sound system that most CLUB BANDS would be jealous of?
YUP, we've got it!   Crown...JBL...CAVS...Audio 2000's and more!

What would you say to a completely new Karaoke Song Catalog in the neighborhood of ...
TWENTY THOUSAND SONGS covering all styles? It's a done deal! Oh...did I forget to mention that those songs are fully LICENSED by the Manufacturers? Take THAT all of you Karaoke Pirates! The best news is that the new song catalog is mostly Chartbuster and Sound Choice Brand... only the FINEST renditions of karaoke accompaniment tracks would be acceptable for the Re-Launch of RoadShow Karaoke Entertainment, LLC. I know that you've seen a lot of Karaoke shows removing Sound Choice songs from their catalogs because they are afraid of being sued or worse... well, fear not... RoadShow is 100% LEGAL and proud of it!  Yes, Sound Choice, Chartbuster and RoadShow are going to be Long Term partners giving you the best Karaoke experience while fighting the illegal karaoke piracy that hurts our industry and endangers our host venues with suit or the loss of their liquor  licenses.
If you have a venue and wish to host the finest LEGAL Karaoke show in the Northern New Jersey area, E-mail me at:




You know that you want to... Just SING already!

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