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ROADSHOW Karaoke Entertainment, LLC.  is proud to display our licenses from both Sound Choice and Chartbuster Karaoke. We hope that one day ALL karaoke entertainment providers will become LEGAL but until they do...


NOTE... These Photo representations of the PROOF of Legal Licensing from Sound Choice and Chartbuster Karaoke products are copyright protected and may not be reproduced without the express permission of ROADSHOW Karaoke Entertainment, LLC.
For Security purposes these jpeg photo representations have been reduced in size and photo quality, to both obscure the license registration numbers, and the affixed embossed seals.
REMEMBER, all licenses have a raised or embossed seals for security. If your karaoke provider shows you a "license" with a printed seal or no seal at all, it is not legal! 
To view the ORIGINAL Licenses, simply contact me and we will set up a meeting!



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