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Keeping your Karaoke Show LEGAL
...and why you should!

Boy, do I ever understand your frustration! There I was, with a huge FACTORY ORIGINAL Karaoke CD+G collection, and I was told that I couldn't "shift" it to a laptop computer or hard-drive!

Here in New Jersey, the Karaoke competition is as cut-throat as it gets, and it took me a long time to understand that it will cost me time and money to keep my business legal. You see, what we have been doing, and how we were doing it, has been a legal gray-area from day one. I know that change is hard to accept, but you should try to look at it as the legality's simply catching up with us! We were getting away with playing fast and loose with the laws, and so were the pirates... that's what caused the problems. Sound Choice (a Karaoke Manufacturer) is NOT a mega corporation... Kurt Slep, it's owner, is fighting for survival by cutting his business to the bone... Chartbuster died from these problems! We must understand that these laws have been there, and we have been blissfully ignorant of them. Now we are getting upset that we must prove our stuff is legal, or face the music. (bad pun intended)

"1 to 1 compliance" is a courtesy extended to us by the Karaoke Manufacturers, because if you read the law as it's written, copies can't be used for commercial use, even working for free drinks; all commercially used tracks must be the original CD+G's or Licensed Digital copies. The CD+G's are "licensed" as sold for use in their original form. You can work forever from them if you are using the disc format, however "shifting" formats creates a digital copy which we, as commercial users have no right to use in our shows. (but at home it's fine) "Fair Use" is for NON-Profit uses like home use, school / educational use and the like. Please read the original copyright laws, you can easily find them on the web. ("fair use" is a loophole created in the copyright law to cover non-commercial uses...)

If you search "DJ-Mace", I'm sure you will find some of my older arguments against Sound Choice, especially on the forum at Sound Choice's own website!!! BUT you will also find that over time my position changed as I found, and was shown more information.

I know how you feel, because you aren't saying anything that I didn't. I was angry and frustrated. I was screaming how un-fair the Karaoke Manufacturers were... but in the big picture, I was the one who had a lot to learn.


You know that you want to... Just SING already!

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