Venue Operators Beware...
The entertainment licensing fees paid to BMI, ASCAP, etc. will not protect you or your business if you have knowingly hired a PIRATE Karaoke Host. The copies of their music, the images and lyrics shown on the screen, and the performances of those works in your venue, are indeed illegal.
PLEASE check your Karaoke Entertainment provider, to be sure that you have hired an honest and hardworking individual, and not a PIRATE.
There is nothing wrong with demanding proof of a Karaoke Providers LEGAL standing. If your provider operates from CD+G Discs, inspect them to be sure that they are Factory Originals and NOT burned copies. If they run their shows from a Laptop Computer or a Hard Drive system of any sort, ask for PROOF of proper licensing from the Karaoke Manufacturers for all of the songs in their library.
"Individuals or Businesses that have a financial benefit from providing an opportunity for such infringing individuals or businesses to operate, create a liability for themselves and can be found to have vicarious or contributory liability." 
(as quoted directly from: The KIAA WebSite)
REALLY, if the PIRATE is willing to steal the music and charge YOU for their "services" what does that say about their morals and ethics ...and will hiring them reflect well on YOU and your business?
Karaoke Pirates are THIEVES, even if they don't know it.  Unfortunately, the chances are that they know exactly what they're doing, and just don't care about breaking the law or taking YOU down with them!  GREED can be a terrible thing...
Please do not hire or employ a PIRATE Karaoke operation or host. If you should find that you have unknowingly hired a PIRATE, the best thing to do is terminate their employment immediately, and report them to the proper authorities.
You will find a link to report them here... 

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to report a PIRATE!

The LAWSUITS have begun and It's time to protect yourself and your business BEFORE it's TOO LATE!
Follow this link to the lawsuit information page to see what's really going on...         http://thekiaa.org/the-lawsuits.html
Let's all work together to end Karaoke Piracy!